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Hitman Absolution Keygen

The Hitman Absolution Keygen will allow you to unlock your Hitman Absolution PC game. If you are stuck during the installation of the game and you need a serial key to complete it, then our tool is for you! It will allow you to generate an unlimited number of serial and cd keys that you can enter during the installation.

Hitman Absolution Cheats

We referenced popular cheats available for Hitman Absolution PS3 and Xbox 360. These cheats can be unlocked during the game by following the instructions we have given you in the instructions text file.

Return of the Barcode Killer

Hitman Absolution is an infiltration/stealth game available on multiple platforms (Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC). You will be getting to play Agent 47 once again, a professional assassin with a perfect looking costume and a cool barcode tattoo on the back of the neck. In this game, Agent 47's many contracts that will lead him all around the world, dealing with his own demons.

Hitman has been a very successful game ever since it came out. With its own unique gameplay, the game has managed to seduce many payers around the world, as well as non-players. Indeed, Hollywood has also taken interest in this franchise, which led to the release of a movie.

Hitman places you in the boots of a professional killer. Most of the time, you will have to kill one target, and you will have all the resources you need in order to complete your mission.

What is great with Hitman is that it gives you freedom to do whatever you want to complete the mission. You can dress up as a nurse, a police officer, a firefighter and many more. You can kill people standing in your way, or just create strategies to lead them out of the way. You can decide to go in Rambo-style, or a more subtle way. The keyword here is FREEDOM.

There is more that one way to get to your target. Each player can apply different strategies.

One of the great new aspects of the game is that you will be able to create your own mission. Choose the location, the weapons, the costumes, the targets and the enemies. Other players will then be able to play your mission.

Whoever said that games are now boring, is wrong. Hitman Absolution is here.


Is it safe to download this file ?

YES, it is SAFE! The program was created by real passionate programmers. We have tested this program ourselves in every possible ways, for multiple games and on multiple computers. This is a completely VIRUS-FREE software that will allow you generate serial keys for many many games. A text file with instructions is include in the zip file.

As soon as you have finished downloading our Halo 4 keygen, you will be able to generate unlimited serial keys to complete the game installation. We have provided you with a text file containing multiple CD Keys, in case one of them was not working anymore.

1Unzip the archive you just downloaded.
2Open the HitmanAbsolutionKeygen.exe file. This will bring a new window to the screen.
3Click on the “Generate serial” button. This will generate a unique and valid serial key.
4Copy the generated key and paste it during the game installation.
5You're done!

There is two types of cheat codes, official cheat codes included in the game, and unofficial ones that we provide you. First, download the file by clicking the Download button above. Unzip the archive you just downloaded and just open the CHEATS_PS3.txt file. Here are some examples of the cheats available :

1Infinite ammo.
2Unlock all weapons.
3Infinite health pack.
4Unlock all costumes.
5AIM bot.
7And more...

Same as PS3, but the instructions file is CHEATS_XBOX.txt.